Your clock in experienced hands

Restoration of antique clocks and watches requires thorough expertise and large knowledge. Next to the technological challenges, there are esthetical questions to be answered. The expertise area of the restorer spans cultural, historical, literary and artistic know-how.

The restorer

Needs to have thorough knowledge of antique clocks and watches – but also of the historical developments of clock styles and technologies throughout the centuries.


of a valuable piece should aim at the preservation of the historical substance of the clock. This implies that a maximum amount of reversability will have to be considered.

The spectrum of crafts that are employed during restoration ranges from methods of late medieval art to the latest technologies such as non-invasive 3D Micro-Computer-Tomography. To these are added material sciences and research as e.g. the X-Ray imaging of authentic coatings on dials and later changes to them. Further methods are RFA (X-Ray fluorescence analysis) for materials research and RTI – a tangential light-ray method for imaging of fine engravings.

The restorer with his thorough and long-ranging experience will know about the multitude of challenges that will be of relevance to the restoration of a valuable piece.

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